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Video Specials

Are We A Servant or Heir?

Do We Know Who We Are?      Things Pertaining To The Kingdom      Minister Of The Spirit      God Is A Consuming Fire

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The Power Of Grace
     Introduction - Carnal or Spiritual
     Saved By Grace || Born Again
     The God Connection || Grieving the Holy Spirit
     Blaspheming The Holy Spirit
     Servants or Heirs?
     God is a Consuming Fire
     In The Name Of Jesus || Mansions In My Father's House
     Are We Ministering The Letter or The Spirit?
     That The Power Might Be Of God
     Life's Foundations

Personal Testimony
     Mickey & Suzan's Personal Testimonies
     Mickey & Suzan: How God Brought Us Together

Individual Teachings
     Face to Face with God
     One Will Be Taken And One Will Be Left
     The Power Might Be Of God
     In The Name Of Jesus
     Spiritually Discerning The Kingdom
     Do You Really Know How Much God Loves You?
     Tell Him His Fault
     Vengeance Is Mine - What It Means
     Is God Double-minded?
     Renewing the Mind
     Heaven & Earth - Spiritual Food For Thought!

Identity Theft
     Identity Theft Introduction
     Do You Know Who You Are
     Discerning The Kingdom
     The Veil Of Deception
     Ministers Of The Spirit
     The Law Of Christ
     Now And Forever

Christian Seeking Identity
     Are You Sin Conscious Or Are You God Conscious?
     In His Image
     The Mystery of Iniquity
     What Does It Take To Be God Conscious?
     Take Dominion
     Armed with His Nature
     The Will of the Father
     God is committed to You

The Law Of Liberty
     The Theme Of The Gospel
     The Law Of Liberty
     God Is A Consuming Fire

Abiding In The Vine
     Relationship With God - Part 1
     Relationship With God - Part 2
     Abiding In The Vine
     Incorruptible Seed Of The Word
     Everything That He Made Was Good
     Fully Furnished

Speaking Things Pertaining To The Kingdom
     The Kingdom Does Not Come By Observation - Part 1
     The Kingdom Does Not Come By Observation - Part 2
     The Baptism
     From The Inside Out
     Another Gospel

The Purpose Of His Calling
     The Fear of the Lord
     The War Is Over And Therefore I Am A Joint Heir
     It Takes Two to Make a Relationship
     The Vine and Its Branches and the Corrupt Tree
     Life Foundations