"This baby will live and not die we all prayed! Donna, one of the team members ministering to the baby later shared that at first she begged God to revive the baby. His eyes were open and glazed over. She reached up to close the eye lids and she heard God say, "You only close the eyes of the dead." She felt like God spoke to her that she herself needed to take authority and command life. Baby, blink she said. After a bit, the baby blinked and she paused. Nothing happened and she kissed his forehead and cheek and commanded him to blink again. He blinked. Donna heard a gurgling sound and saliva came out of his mouth. The baby began to breathe!

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On March 28, 2012 the CBC mission team from Atlanta Georgia prayed for this boy in Machala, Ecuador who was suffering from hydro encephalitis. His doctors had surgically attempted to reverse the situation but told the family after the surgery that he had little chance of recovering to the extent that he could live a normal life. In March of 2015, while once again visiting Machala, we heard that the boy had completely recovered.

When do good works (like scripture-confessions, speaking against mountains, etc.) become dead works? Frustrated that things aren't working "as-advertised" based on what you've been taught in the past? Listen to a God Story. This is a powerful testimony on how you too can experience victory over cancer or over whatever monkey wrench the devil throws at you.

Length: ~35 Minutes

Speaker: Mickey & Suzan Cartagena

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